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We will make a video for you to post on our TikTok account. The promotional video of your product or service will be designed and created by our team according to your custom requests and will have the aim of making your product or service known to our entire community ( technology-loving users and more specifically web, graphics, design, websites, WordPress and Elementor ). The video will be created using intro effects, music, calls to actions, transitions and captions when and if necessary.

Useful informations

In the following FAQ you can consult some interesting points and if you have further questions you can contact us through our contact page.

How long will the service take ?

The first draft will be sent within 10 days of ordering. It will then take 5 days to finalize it and be ready for publication.

Yes, since we receive compensation for the creation of the video according to TikTok policies it is mandatory to make it clear to the user with the appropriate tag that they are seeing promotional content.

The TikTok algorithm is unpredictable, usually pushing the content in the first few hours after publication and in other cases the content receives visibility over time. There is currently no tool to estimate views. Having said this, thanks to the promotional campaigns we guarantee a minimum of 10000 views within 15 days of publishing the video since if the algorithm does not reward the content as hoped we will open a promotional campaign always targeting the product or service to be sponsored to push the content as much as possible.

Although TikTok is our favorite channel and where our team has a large community the video will also be posted on our Instagram and YouTube channel.


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3 reviews for Tiktok Video Promotion

  1. Ausx_90

    Reached 20,000 users in just 3 days, thanks for your work!

  2. jeff

    Video published in a week, clear, simple and converts, I am very satisfied.

  3. luby-mix

    Thanks Nick, great job.

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