Incompatible Archive Error WordPress

If you've come across the 'Incompatible Archive Error' following the WordPress 6.4.3 update, you're in good company. This hiccup has left many WordPress users scratching their heads, particularly those who rely on MacOS to compress their plugin zip files for upload. But fear not, we're here to help! Dive into our straightforward guide explaining the root cause of this issue and providing simple steps to resolve it

Incompatible Archive-Error WordPress

Cause of the Error

The root cause of the issue stems from the compression method used by MacOS for zip files and how WordPress 6.4.3 handles them during the upload process. Recent security upgrades aimed at fortifying the upload mechanism inadvertently created complications for zip files compressed on MacOS, resulting in the frustrating 'Incompatible Archive' error message. This issue echoes past challenges encountered with WordPress and WP-CLI, and is ultimately linked to discrepancies in PHP's libzip versions.

Solving the Problem: A Step-by-Step Guide

When facing the Incompatible Archive Error WordPress, finding solutions is crucial. You can resolve this by extracting the downloaded zip file, then compressing the main directory or folder again. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you resolve this issue and get your WordPress site back on track.

Once you've re-zipped your file using Windows, test the upload process on your WordPress site to ensure that the "Incompatible Archive" error no longer appears. If the issue persists, it may be unrelated to the zip file creation method and could be caused by other factors such as file permissions, server configurations, or specific issues with the WordPress installation.

Known Error

The WordPress community is actively addressing the 'Incompatible Archive Error WordPress' in an upcoming release. By staying connected with forums and monitoring updates, you'll stay informed about solutions to keep your site running smoothly. WordPress thrives on community collaboration. Challenges like the 'Incompatible Archive Error' highlight the power of shared knowledge. With the steps provided, you can tackle this issue and make the most of WordPress.

Implement a Temporary Plugin Fix

A plugin created by Aaron Jorbin is available to switch WordPress to use PclZip instead of ZipArchive, resolving the issue. Install and activate this plugin as a temporary solution.

					// Reference code for developers. 
add_filter('unzip_file_use_ziparchive', '__return_false');

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